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Honey Comb Frames

Visit Blythewood Bee Company's collection of honey comb frames, designed specifically to enhance the production of comb honey directly from your hive. Our collection page offers a curated selection of frames that allow bees to build natural honeycombs, which is perfect for beekeepers aiming to harvest pure, unprocessed honey directly in the comb.


  • Cut Comb Honey Frames: Specially designed to facilitate the easy removal and packaging of comb honey.
  • Foundationless Frames: Allow bees to construct the comb naturally, which can result in better wax and honey quality.
  • Pre-waxed Frames: Encourage quicker comb building by providing a base layer of beeswax.


  • Frame Materials: Choose from wooden or plastic frames, depending on your preferences and beekeeping practices.
  • Size Options: Available in standard sizes to fit typical Langstroth hives as well as other hive types.
  • Pack Sizes: Whether you're a hobbyist or a commercial beekeeper, our frames are available in various quantities to meet your needs.