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5 Frame Nucs On Sale Here

NO Varroa Oxalic Acid Vaporizer

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Vanquish Varroa With This NoVarroa Oxalic Acid Vaporizer


  • Removable entrance sealer
  • Ergonomic wooden handle
  • EPA approved
  • Solid metal OA tray


Our NoVarroa Oxalic Acid Vaporizer is hardwearing and easy to use. When using, apply only to outdoor colonies with a restricted lower hive entrance. Seal all upper hive entrances and cracks with tape to avoid escape of Oxalic Acid vapor. Insert the vaporizer through the bottom entrance. Apply heat until all Oxalic Acid has sublimated, which typically takes less than 5 minutes. This vaporizer comes equipped with heavy gauge cables, and is as economical as it is tough.

If you’re looking for a battery to power your Oxalic Acid vaporizer, check out our Neptune 12 Volt Battery with charger. For those of you with serious varroa mite infestations, we also sell varroa checkersvarroa countersvarroa mite away strips, and oxalic acid wood bleach.


Weight 2.00 lbs

Dimensions 20.75 × 2.5 × 1.75 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
OA vaporizer

Fast shipping, works great for OA vaporization in a minimal amount of time


NO Varroa Oxalic Acid Vaporizer

NO Varroa Vaporizer did the job!

I ordered this vaporizer to be able to use it on a hive with a very small entrance reducer that the bees had so heavily secured with propolis. Shipping was really fast and it only takes 2 1/5 minutes for vaporization. I have purchased a small EverStart Power Sport battery and it has worked extremely well with the vaporizer. The quality of the vaporizer is sturdy and I appreciate the thicker cables. I appreciate the price as well. This is my second vaporizer and takes have the time the other one does to vaporize! I can now do my hives in a relatively short time. Thank goodness for my problem of too small of an entrance reducer on my hive that necessitated finding a thinner vaporizer that ended up being better and a perfect solution. Thanks for a great product!

Oxalis vaporizer

Thank you

For the price it's fine - wish my questions had been answered

The good is this was half price and worked just fine. I had sent questions twice asking about the type of metal used as I didn't want aluminum. My questions were never answered and the unit is aluminum - not that big of a deal really. I had also asked if this had the wings near the cup to keep the wand from turning over and was told YES - wings are in the box and you can add them if wanted. Well there are no wings - just the entrance closure piece shown in the photo. This thing flips very easily because the cord is stiff and when you set it down and happen to touch the cord or oxalic acid will dump out. Now I know - always hold firmly and do not rest the unit or set it down to fill the cup. I'm not sure it got hot enough as there was a lot of white powder just above where the cup was inserted into the hive - I did see a few wisps of vapor swirl out where I had a tiny leak so I know that it did vaporize, at least to some degree. If I had paid more for this I would have sent it back. And to be fair the only other two I have used were very high end units that belonged to a friend - one being on of those digital units. If you have $500 to spend buy on of those : )