1.5oz Hex Bottle w/Lid

1.5oz Hex Bottle w/Lid


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These 2 oz. Hex Glass Honey Jars Are Perfect for Storing Small Quantities of Honey Features: Strong, durable glass Hexagon shape Includes twist cap with space for custom labels Use: These 2 oz. hex glass honey jars are perfect for storing honey, in addition to your favorite condiments and spreads, including jams, jelly crystals, candy and salt. They also make great containers for candles if you want to make your own. They include easy-to-use twist caps that will ensure whatever you store inside stays fresh and secure. The wide opening makes it easy to collect and scoop out whatever is inside. One thing to note: it’s best to use 1-inch round labels if you want to stick your own custom labels on the lids. These jars are sold in 24-count cases. If you need larger hex-shaped containers, check out our 4 oz. hex glass honey jars and our 6 oz. hex glass honey jars.  

Weight.25 lbs
Dimensions1.75 × 2.6 in


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