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Bee Hive Accessories

Discover the essential bee hive accessories at Blythewood Bee Company, crafted to enhance your beekeeping experience and streamline hive management. Our comprehensive collection page features a wide range of accessories, each designed to support the health and productivity of your bee colonies.


  • Hive Covers: Protect your hives from the elements with our durable and weather-resistant covers.
  • Entrance Reducers: Control the traffic flow into your hives and help maintain internal hive temperature.
  • Frame Spacers and Holders: Optimize space and organization within your hives for better bee management.


  • Feeder Systems: From top feeders to entrance feeders, choose the best feeding solution for your apiary needs.
  • Queen Excluders: Ensure that your queen stays in the brood chamber to prevent eggs in the honey supers.
  • Hive Stands: Elevate your hives to prevent moisture damage and deter pests.