Swarm Commander Swarm Lure Vials: 5-pack

Swarm Commander Swarm Lure Vials: 5-pack



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Attract Swarms To Your Beehive With These Market-Leading Swarm Commander Swarm Lure Vials


  • Comes in a pack of 5
  • Plastic construction means they don’t degrade over time
  • Each vial contains .5 ml of Swarm Commander Premium Swarm Lure Product
  • Shelf life of 2 years


Establish a new colony, or capture feral bee swarms with these Swarm Commander Swarm Lure Vials. Each plastic vial contains .5 ml of Swarm Commander Premium Lure, a specially designed pheromone that is proven to attract wild honeybee swarms. These swarms will be enticed into your unoccupied hive, giving you a chance to establish a new bee colony with the minimum of effort. These easy-to-use lures are totally safe for bees, and their plastic construction means that they won’t degrade over time. Each vial has a shelf life of 2 years when stored in a temperature-controlled environment, making them a great product for commercial beekeepers.

In addition to these lure vials, we carry Swarm Commander lures in spray bottles and as custom hanging super lures. We also sell traditional swarm traps for those of you who prefer a non-chemical approach.

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